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Why the Church
should help people
find jobs, careers and
God's calling

More than 150 million Americans face crossroads in their careers. Over 20 million are unemployed or under-employed. Of those employed, 52 percent are dissatisfied with their jobs and 72 percent are not engaged in their work. When church members are unemployed, underemployed, or misemployed, it affects the life and vitality of the church.

The solution is a spiritually vibrant yet practical career ministry that -

Join hundreds of churches that are already experiencing the joy of helping people through job search, career development and life transformation.

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What Others Are Saying

"One of the great things about this career ministry is that it incorporates evangelism, discipleship and care, helping people of all ages and stages, from students to seniors, at all socioeconomic levels and ethnicities. The seven-step process and curriculum [in Created for Good Works] helps turn messes into masterpieces, and workers into worshippers."

- Pastor Derwin L. Gray, Founding and Lead Pastor, Transformation Church, Indian Land, SC, Author of Limitless Life, Hero and High-Definition Leadership

"Read the first eight pages of this book and you'll develop a clear vision of the need for career ministry at your church. Then, in the chapters that follow, Brian will show you what goes into an effective career ministry and how to get one started at your church. An important book for pastors and church leaders!"

- Steve Grissom, Founder, Church Initiative: Divorce Care & Grief Share

"What a great resource for pastoral care and congregational development as well as for developing a congregational ministry to help people discover their calling from God! It is very pragmatic and spirit-led."

- Rev. Phil Tom, Pastor, Eastchester Presbyterian Church, Bronx, NY

Health Quiz

Take the Crossroads Career Health Quiz!

What is the Current Career Health of Your Church? Please answer the following questions to assess your church’s health –

  1. (T / F) We have a happy church where the majority of people are generous with their time, talent, and treasure.
  2. (T / F) We believe the scripture verse that says "We are God's workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand that we walk in them." - Ephesians 2:10
  3. (T / F) We believe that passions and gifts should drive career decision-making over financial and personal image goals.
  4. (T / F) We believe that the number one thing that most people want is a good job or career that they love.
  5. (T / F) We regularly preach or teach the value of God's purpose and calling in the lives of people.
  6. (T / F) We have a benevolence and/or financial teaching ministry in our church that provides practical care and wisdom for the "expense" side of ministry ledger.
  7. (T / F) We have an active career ministry that provides practical care and wisdom on the "revenue" side of the ministry ledger.
  8. (T / F) We regularly see results and evidence in our church that people are getting "unstuck" and on track with their unique calling in life and work.
  9. (T / F) Most or all of our pastors and church staff are happy, healthy, and fulfilled in their work and home life.
  10. (T / F) Our church members regularly tell others about the help, support, and encouragement that they receive at our church.

Please add up your answers to determine your church's potential health status:

  • 8-10 True Answers - "My church is very healthy. Everyone is happy and fulfilled, and everyone is giving and volunteering!"
  • 6-8 True Answers - "My church is mostly healthy. Most people are doing well, and we have just enough givers and volunteers to meet our church's vision."
  • 3-5 True Answers - "My church is marginally healthy. Some people are happy and fulfilled, but we have to really motivate people to give and volunteer."
  • 1-2 True Answers - "My church is mostly unhealthy. Just a few people are supporting the church with their time and money, and we have a lot of church members in job difficulty or crisis."

About the Author

Brian Ray
Founder, Crossroads Career® Network

Passionate about helping people find jobs, careers and God's calling, Brian led the development and launch of Crossroads Career Network 18 years ago. Brian also served as owner and founder of Primus Consulting, a retained executive search consulting firm focused on organizations having the right leaders in the right roles. Formerly, Brian served as Vice President and Executive Committee Member of the Chick-fil-A restaurant chain, where he was responsible for Human Resources, Operator Ventures and Administration.

In addition to his latest book, Created for Good Works, he is the author of workplace ministry resources: Crossroads Career Work Book, Real Success at Work, New Job Jump Start and The Mastery of Leadership.

The Crossroads Career Network is a national membership of churches, ministries and professional affiliates that provide faith-based career development and job search resources online combined with on-the-ground groups and one-on-one help.

Crossroads Career Services, Inc., is the nonprofit 501c3 public charity organization that equips and serves network members with continuously updated career, ministry and employer resources. A national service team also provides phone and email help desk services and ministry coaching. Regional conferences offer training and best practices. For more information about Support Services, email support(at)

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